Our Mission & Vision

In the midst of rampant police brutality against communities of color, systemic racism, anti-immigrant/anti-Latino rage, and a worsening pandemic, it is fitting that we, at this crucial moment in history create the Mesoamerican, Indigenous and Caribbean Cultures Initiative (MICCI). To this day there has been no center to address the issues that Mesoamerican, Caribbean or Indigenous students or faculty experience.

The following are some of the issues MICCI will address: ensure representation in key decision making positions; develop/implement courses that reflect Mesoamerican, Caribbean or Indigenous cultures; increase faculty of color at all levels, and within the administration; intensify efforts to recruit students from Mesoamerican, Caribbean and Indigenous communities, and increase career related opportunities; and, finally, establish a physical location in which discussions and cultural events can be held. 

The need to create MICCI  is urgent. Student enrollment of the demographic the center represents at The New School has increased steadily. In New York City the LatinX population has increased by 14% comprising 29% of the total population, making it the largest in the nation even larger than Los Angeles. The nation’s Latino population has grown sixfold since 1970 reaching an estimated 60 million in 2016, or 18 percent of the total population. In 2018 the buying power of Latinx is a staggering $1.5 trillion dollars annually. In short, the United States will become a “minority majority” country by the middle of this century!

All academic institutions need a meeting ground for people who wish to be a part of this rich American Experience. MICCI will bring together scholars, teachers, artists, designers, filmmakers, writers and poets, who wish to engage in meaningful dialogue to discuss issues which have an impact on our American story, and in turn make profound contributions in improving and enriching the overall experience at The New School as a place to study and work.